October 13-14, 2018 POLESTAR PILATES Medical Conference

 This fall, a grand-scale medical conference will be held in Tokyo, welcoming Dr. Brent Anderson, the CEO of POLESTAR PILATES, who is today leadership of PMA and worlds’ medical Pilates.

It is a great opportunity to experience the world’s most advanced medical Pilates and live message from Dr. Brent, who could be described as the spirit of Polestar Pilates.

There will also be keynote lecture by Dr. Kakuko Nakamura, who has been assigned as the ambassador of Polestar Pilates Japan this year. Moreover, there will be lectures by Polestar Pilates Japan Rehabilitation Educational Team. Please enjoy the world of Japanese and  worlds’   medical Pilates! 


*8CEC(for 1day) or 16CEC(for 2days)  are provided with participating this lecture.  


* Anyone is welcomed to join this medical conference.



POLESTAR PILATES Medical Conference


 Date 13sat.-14sun. October, 2018

 Hour 10:00-19:00 (Both days)

*The time schedule may be changed.

 Place Bell Salle Tokyo Nihonbashi

 *Chuo-ku, Tokyo/ Access: direct from “Nihonbasi station” exit B6 (Ginza line, Tozai line, Asakusa line)

 SpeakersCEO of POLESTAR PILATES :Dr.Brent Anderson


    the Ambassador of Polestar Pilates JapanDr. Kakuko Nakamura

     Polestar Pilates certified  instructor Hisashi Yamamoto

     Polestar Pilates Japan Rehabilitation Educational Team

 Yuki Yamaguchi / Ayumi Sekii / Kiriko Sonezaki / Masaki Imuta 


Course Fee

  participants from public or other organization / 

                                                  2Day Course 52,000yen                  

                                                  1Day Course 28,000yen

Polestar certified member  /   2Day Corse 45,000yen

                                  1Day Course 23,000yen      

                                                                                        All includes tax.



■Seminar by Brent ① 3h.

■Polestar Pilates Japan Rehabilitation Educational team  3h.

■Seminar by Brent 2h.



■Seminar by Brent 3h.

■Seminar by Kakuko Nakamura/ Keynote speech  2h.

Knowledge and important points that you should know to instruct healthy physical training in diverse society”

■Seminar by Brent

The content of the program may be changed.


Content of the lecture

  Dr. Kakuko Nakamura


“Knowledge and important points that you should know to instruct healthy physical training in diverse society” 


 With the arrival of the unprecedented highly-aged society in Japan, the instructors are required to be able to instruct healthy physical training covering the young generation and the super elderly. To do so, it is necessary to have knowledge and skills to deal with any life stage and diversity, such as difference of gender, age and physical strength. In the lecture, Dr. Kakuko will explain from the view point of the client and from the view point of Orthopedic, Internal Medicine and Exercise Physiology based on lecturer’s experience.


Hisashi Yamamoto


“Developing a better understanding of Axial Elongation and Spine Articulation –the Biomechanics of the Spine and the Sacroiliac Joint-“


(1) By learning the biomechanics of spine (Fryette’s 3Laws), you can have the image of the coupling motion of the facet joint. Especially, it would be a help with the oblique motion, which involves motion with frontal and horizontal plane.


(2) By learning the biomechanics of sacroiliac joint (Form closure/ Force closure), and be able to follow the movement with pelvis, it enables you to disassociate the hip joint and make smooth transition to the movement integration in gravitational environment.


  Polestar Pilates Japan Rehabilitation Educational Team


 “Introducing Pilates Using Chair –Challenging the Up Coming Super-Aged Society-”


In 2015, the rate of the aged population will be over 30% in Japan. Ahead of the world, it is imminent in Japan to deal with the super-aged society. Under these circumstances, the number of opportunity for medical staff to give group exercise guidance for elderly citizen is increasing. The purposes are “care prevention” and “health promotion”.


 In this lecture, we will introduce a Pilates class using chair, which is safe and motivates the participants for the exercise.


How to register


 Click the registration button below the page and make an application to Polestar Pilates Japan.


To All:


We will respond to every application upon acceptance. In case you wouldn’t get any response from us within 5days, please let us know by calling our office.


03-5809-3557 (Body Work Studio Genki Kobo)


We are looking forward to seeing you!


Dr. Brent Anderson


Polestar Pilates CEO




 Director and owner of Polestar Pilates, Brent is a leading authority in performing arts medicine and Pilates-evolved techniques for rehabilitation. He lectures widely at national and international symposia and consults with physical therapy companies, universities, and other educational bodies throughout the world. He has been working as Licensed Physical Therapist and Orthopedic Certified Specialist for 27years.



Dr. Kakuko Nakamura


the Ambassador of Polestar Pilates Japan


Ph.D in Medicine/ Sports Doctor/ the Director of Dr.KAKUKO Sports Clinic



【Hisashi Yamamoto


Polestar Pilates/ Rehabilitation course

the Director of Physio Kinematic Chain Approach Association


Acupuncturist/ Anma Massage Shiatsu

GYROTONIC certified instructor

 Serotonin trainer



Polestar Pilates Japan

Rehabilitation Educational Team

Yuki Yamaguchi  (Leader)




Polestar Pilates Educator in training

Franklin Method Level3 educator    (Franklin Method Mentor



Ayumi Sekii, Kiriko Sonezaki, Masaki Imuta